Can someone please describe the cabin in The Sign of the Beaver?  

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Elizabeth George Speare's novel, The Sign of the Beaver, is about a young boy named Matt Hallowell who moves to Maine with his father to settle down. The Hallowell's family is split up because Matt's mother, sister, and a new baby are left behind in Massachusetts. Matt's father leaves Matt in Maine to retrieve the rest of the family and Matt has many experiences meeting the Native Americans who are already established in this area.

When Matt and his father first arrive in Maine, they build their family's cabin. This cabin is in the middle of a very dense forest near a stream and cornfields. The cabin is mostly built out of spruce trees and has a roof made of cedar and pine boughs. Like a typical log cabin, the logs have notches that fit together. Matt and his father initially build a one room cabin that has no windows because they are pressed for time. Matt's...

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