Compare the novel All Quiet on the Western Front to the movie.

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The most famous film version of All Quiet on the Western Front is the 1930 adaptation directed by Lewis Milestone. The movie is relatively faithful to the novel, even retaining its unhappy ending in an era where unhappy endings tended to be seen as less commercial, with only a few changes mostly implemented to suit the censorship of 1930s Hollywood.

For one thing, the film omits gruesome depictions of violence. Sexually charged scenes, while not omitted (before the Production Code was strictly enforced after 1934, films generally had more liberty to be slightly more frank about sexual matters), are subtle, such as when Paul is in bed with a prostitute after a liaison, and the director keeps the camera away from the bed, so the audience does not see.

Disturbing scenes, such as the corpses being strewn from their coffins in the bombed out graveyard, were also omitted so as to not disturb 1930s audiences too much.

The movie also begins with Paul as an idealistic young student coerced into...

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