Can someone just list the memories for me?  And do we know anything about the appearance of The Giver? Thanks! ~really appreciated 

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Giver looks old, although not as old as he appears.  He has "pale eyes", and is "wrinkled, and his eyes, though piercing in their unusual lightness, (seem) tired...the flesh around them darkened into shadowed circles" (Ch.11).

The first memory the Giver transfers to Jonas is "snow", followed by "sunshine" and "sunburn" (Ch.11).

He then shows him "color", a memory that Jonas has actually begun to experience a little on his own, and "rainbows" (Ch.12).

In Chapter 13, Jonas feels the pain of loss through the grief of an elephant whose companion is slaughtered. This is followed in Chapter 14 by the discovery of physical pain through the experience of a broken leg.  The Giver balances the trauma of hurt with the gift of peaceful exposures, such as riding a sailboat, watching a sunset, and running through a meadow.  At the end of Chapter 14, Jonas finds out what hunger is like, and in Chapter 15, war.

Although Jonas learns to deal with "loss and loneliness", he is given the memories of "solitude and joy" as well.  By sharing a birthday party, the Giver shows Jonas what it is like to be an individual, and he gives Jonas memories of museums, paintings, animals, and camping.  In the memory of Christmas the Giver bestows the gifts of family, grandparents, and love (Chapter 16).  Finally, to help him on his journey, the Giver transfers memories of courage and strength (Ch.20).