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Can someone help me write a paragraph about alternatives to abortion? The paragraph should include alternatives to abortion.

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I think that the largest and most dominant alternative to abortion would be giving the child up for adoption following the delivery.  Outside of the other option which is to have the child and raise the child as one's own, allowing the child to be adopted might be the most persuasive alternative to abortion.  Naturally, one of the elements that has to be conveyed in a paper or writing sample like this is the level of excruciating difficulty to make any choice in this situation.  I doubt that any decision can be taken with ease and a sense of lightness.  There is a gravity associated with all decisions being undertaken by individuals in such a predicament.  Adoption might be one...

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kc4u | Student

Perhaps the only alternative to abortion is to give birth to the child at full term of pregnancy. Abortion is medical termination of pregnancy on serious health grounds of the mother or the child or both. Abortion may also be sought to avoid the birth of an unwanted child.

It would be best if unwanted and risky pregnancy could be averted. An underage mother unable to carry the biological responsibility of motherhood to full term should take proper precautions to prevent pregnancy. The social as well as emotional aspects of pregnancy should also be well thought-out.

If you don't want to abort, give birth to your child, and take adequate care to bring the child up with the help of your friends and members of your family. At some later stage, you can decide if the child could be given safe and caring custody through adoption. You may alternatively choose to remain a single parent to take your child to further and full maturity.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Abortion refers to termination of pregnancy. Generally it refers to deliberate medical termination of pregnancies. But abortions can also occur on their because of health problems faced by the expectant mothers, or due to accidents.

Medial abortion is practiced to avoid birth of unwanted babies, or in some cases because of medical complications during pregnancy.

One obvious alternative to medical termination of pregnancies to avoid birth of unwanted babies is to decide to have babies, and not opt for abortion. Other more practical option is to prevent pregnancies. There are several different methods available for this. These methods can be roughly divided two groups - methods to be adopted by mans, and by women.