Can someone help me write a feature article on social networking? Thanks heaaaaaaaps :D

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A feature article is a text which is meant to entertain and inform the reader. Typically this type of text offers an analysis of a specific topic; here, your feature article would focus upon social networking. The feature article takes on the form typical of a short story. It provides background (similar to an introduction) and then uses a conversational tone which is used to evoke an emotional response from the reader.

In order to write a feature article on social networking, you should begin with the background on the most popular ones: MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Therefore, to being, give some background on each of the networks. How did they start? Who started them? Why did they succeed? What made them popular for specific age groups?

Next, similar to the short story, you would provide the reasoning behind the gain in popularity and the problems associated with the sites (rising action).

Depending upon what you wish to focus upon (newsworthy stories about bullying, stalking, or sexual wrongs), the next section is where you can begin to offer your own view on the networking sites. Questions you could pose and answer are: What is positive about the sites?; or What are the problems associated with the sites?

Your climax should be narrowed enough to examine a main point you are wishing to focus upon for the article. You need to know this prior to writing the article so as to know which direction you wish to go regarding the build-up (or rising action).

The climax should examine one problem and have multiple examples to prove as to why this is a problem. If your goal is to educate readers about social networking sites, you should have researched information about cases which have made news (for example, Lori Drew on MySpace).

The article should begin to wrap up by you stating what should be done, or needs to be done, to prevent things like this from happening. Here is where you are educating your reader.

In the end (the conclusion), you would need to wrap-up the main points of your article and leave your reader with something to remember. Perhaps leave them with a question which requires them to really think about what you have said.

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