Can someone help me with the prompt for my Count of Monte Cristo essay:  Is the Count subject to providence or fate, or does he make his own? 

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first step is to refine your approach to the essay by creating a working thesis statement from the prompt.

Example:  In The Count of Monte Cristo, the Count proves that he makes his own fate through his clever intrigues with Villefort and Danglers.  To make this thesis statement even stronger, you could reference the specific encounters.   Depending on how many body paragraphs your teacher prefers, you could select and focus on one key event per paragraph, or focus on one key character's interactions with the count in each body paragraph.

The key to this breaking this essay is to find strong example of how the Count truly does facilitate and manipulate the outcome of events.  Much of the novel's action comes down to him putting himself in the perfect place at the perfect time, but you could argue that this coincidence has less to do with fate or providence and more to do with the fact that the Count has become a master manipulator. 

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