Describe some backup procedures and best practices for computer data and files in a business environment. 

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Data security and management is very important in a business and home use environment. It is essential that files, programs and other data a regularly backed up in the event of loss of locally stored digital information. Some of the major data that needs to be regularly backed up on a computer are:

  1. I.   Software programs and data
  2. II.  Computer files and data
  3. III. Workstation setting and preferences
  4. IV. Email correspondences and communications  
  5. V.  Photos and other digital documents
  6. VI. Other pertinent and relative company digital data and information

Some of the established best practices for data security and redundancy are to have all computer information backed up at regularly scheduled intervals. This could be hourly, daily, weekly etc. depending on the industry; these backups could be in real time and done constantly round the clock. The backups should also be done to an off site secure location or facility away from the primary location. This helps prevent data and information loss in the case of catastrophic incidences that may affect the primary location. 

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