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Can someone help me with backup procedures on computers such as have u ever made an image backup of your entire system if so what software did u use

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Data on computers should be regularly backed up to avoid inconvenience in case there is a system failure due to any reason. This includes creating a system image backup that allows complete recovery to the system state on the day the back up was created. This is especially important if there is any critical information or data that is essential for the user to have access to at all times.

The software used to create image backups differ based on the operating system in use. In most case it is provided as a utility with the operating system. Various options are provided to enable the user to decide where the system backup is being created, what is the frequency of creation and what exactly needs to be backed up. It is recommended to create back ups on external hard drives so that it is safe even if there is a hardware failure of the computer that wipes out all data on the internal hard drives. As backups are usually created as background operations with no input required from the user they can be created after short intervals of time. This ensures that a relatively recent state is available for the user to revert to when dealing with any sort of problem.

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