Can someone help me with an essay I have about dropping out of school?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To write an effective essay on the subject, you must first take a position and make a claim.  For example, high school students should not drop out of school. From that position (also called stance), you can develop your thesis by adding a how or why response to the claim.  For example:

High school students should not drop out of high school because of X, Y, and Z reasons. 

With this structure, X, Y, and Z become the topics of your body paragraphs. In each individual body paragraph, you will have a topic sentence for one of the points, examples that support the topic sentence, analysis of the examples on how or why they support the topic sentence, and a concluding paragraph sentence

After writing your body paragraphs, you need to wrap up your essay with a concluding paragraph that sums up the main idea of your essay and refers back to your thesis.

Here are some ideas for X, Y, and Z reasons:

  • Lack of opportunity without a high school diploma
  • Make less money over the course of your life.
  • Could have to settle for a “job” instead of a “career” or worse, be unemployed.
  • Miss out on the activities and friendships of high school.

There are probably a lot more reasons for why to stay in school.  I would suggest you Google “Reasons for staying in high school” and see what comes up. You might also get some good facts, statistics, or ideas to use in your paragraphs as support.

If you take the risk and decide to write about why it’s all right to drop out of high school, the structure of your essay will remain the same, but your thesis and supports will have to be very persuasive.