Can someone help me understand the oxymoron "sick health" in Romeo and Juliet? How does this show Romeo's feelings about love?

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In act one, scene one, Benevolio petitions Romeo to explain why he is in a melancholy mood, and Romeo responds by saying that his depressed mood stems from unrequited love. Romeo is upset that Rosaline does not feel the same way about him and has made a vow of chastity. Romeo then proceeds to use a series of oxymorons to accurately describe the feeling of unrequited love he has for Rosaline. One of the oxymorons Romeo uses to describe his conflicted feelings is "sick health."

When analyzing this oxymoron , one can infer that "sick" accurately describes Romeo's tortured soul and depressed spirit, which stems from Rosaline's rejection. Romeo uses the word "health" to represent the positive aspects associated with love, like hope,...

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