Can someone help me put something on a 15 PowerPoint slides from motivational theoies to include maslows hierarchy?

i need to address

  • Developmental needs of the employee
  • How to communicate more effectively with all employees
  • How to provide opportunities that may advance them on the hierarchy


also need to include this to

  • A general discussion on motivational models and theories and how the Maslow model is similar to or different from other models
  • Examples to illustrate your understanding and application of each level of the Maslow model
  • Whether leaders can move a person to a higher level of the hierarchy (and how)
  • A question provided at the end that can be discussed so supervisors will have an idea of how they might apply this theory to their work situations

Expert Answers

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was published in 1943.

Initially Maslow’s theory was applied to human motivation.  Later it was extended to the human’s innate curiosity.  The hierarchy is a theory in human developmental psychology.  It describes stages of growth in humans.  In his research, Maslow studied only the most accomplished and successful subjects, and specifically rejected study of defective, neurotic or mentally ill persons.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is often expressed as a pyramid of human needs; the most basic needs at the base of the pyramid, with more refined and developed needs progressing toward the apex.

A summary of the pyramid sections is as follows:

Physiological Needs (base of pyramid):  breathing, food, water and sleep

Safety Needs:  security of body, job, health and property

Love/belonging:  family, friends, spousal intimacy

Esteem:  self esteem, confidence, appreciation by others

Self-actualization:  morality, spirituality, creativity, lack of prejudice

A patient who has not achieved the base-level physiological needs will show defective physical development.

Failure to fulfill the needs in the other levels results in no physical abnormality, but the patient will have mental/psychological issues such as tension and anxiety.  The most basic needs must be met before the subject will have any motivation toward the higher levels.

In international business, and especially marketing, Maslow’s hierarchy is applied in recognizing the levels of need achieved by various peoples throughout the world, the cultural determinants of levels achieved, and hence an understanding of the motivations and desires of a specific targeted audience.

In summary, the Maslow Hierarchy defines the levels of need fulfillment for the normal physical and mental/psychological development of humans.  In International business an understanding of these levels as modulated by cultural influences permits the businessman to properly design and direct marketing efforts.

Reference 1 defines in detail Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Reference 2 is a PowerPoint presentation on motivation and applications in the workplace.  It includes a link to over 100 PowerPoint slides on all topics of needs, motivation, rewards, recognition, Maslow’s Hierarchy, other motivational theories and plenty of ideas for a question you might use at the end of your presentation.

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