Can someone help me please? - Identify the most promising opportunities facing companies from advanced markets. Dynamism creates opportunity as well as constraints.  I'm doing a case study and the topic is "Value Chains: Where, When, and Why" - hope this helps to explain my question

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What a good question. Let me start by giving a quick definition of what a value chain is. In a word, a value chain is the process by which a company brings a product or service from its beginning stages to fruition.

Now in an advanced market, such as the United States, there are a few distinct benefits, which can help streamline things. First, in an advanced market, there is a lot of technology that can be used to make a company much more effective. This can truly help trim costs and make everything more effective. Second, an advanced market has the ability to get bids from other companies to get what they need at a reduced price as other companies vie against one another. Third, advanced markets are able to outsource certain areas of their company to other countries to save even more money. Finally, with an international market, there is also the upside of currency valuations.

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