Can someone help me make a survival manual for an island (imaginary)? what tools can i make and how to use them? what food can i eat and where can i find it? how to make a shelter and out of what? ------------ what rules can i set up on the island for the rest of the group? what can i use for communication to the others stranded ?   and anything else, thanks !

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Let's assume you are shipwrecked or marooned on a tropical island similar to that on which the boys in the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding crashed in the plane. Your first survival guide plan might be to ascertain who else has survived so that you have support - the first vital ingredient to survival. After checking whether you yourself are hurt, you will want to check if you can help anyone else - and what facilities you have available to treat them (fresh water, leaves for wound dressings, ties or clothing for bandages etc.) Then you might all want to climb to the highest point so you work out where you are and if you can see anyone else - perhaps constructing a flagpole, windsock or beacon fire to let others know you survived and are waiting. You would leave someone...

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