What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting data servers on cloud platform services like Rackspace, Gogrid and Netdepot? 

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Cloud technology in general is the process of remotely managing and accessing data, software or applications from a location other than where the physical computer is located. Cloud services can be utilized for computer software, applications, data storage and a whole host of traditional computer applications and functions. In the case of cloud servers, it is basically having your servers and data management functions hosted and management off site. Your information and data is then accessed through the Internet or a secure direct connection. There are many advantages of using cloud hosting for server management, here are some of them:

 1.)  You can expand or reduce your data capacity as needed without having to worry about space availability or physical location limitations.

2.)  Your infrastructure costs are greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated.

3.)  You have maximum system redundancy and disaster recovery capability as your data is not stored on site.

4.)  You have better overview of your costs as you know how much your will be paying for data storage and management, without having to worry about physical server maintenance costs. 

There are also some risks and disadvantages associated with cloud servers:

1.)  Your data is at greater risk of exposure as it is managed by a third party

2.)  You are at greater risk of vendor lock in and price increases

3.)  You have less control over system upgrades, modifications and customization

4.)  Loss of Internet connectivity may result in loss of access to data for the period of the down time. 

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