Can someone help me conclude my "Of Mice and Men" essay on Curleys wife?The essay question is "How is Curley's Wife presented and developed in "Of Mice and Men"? I don't know how to conclude my...

Can someone help me conclude my "Of Mice and Men" essay on Curleys wife?

The essay question is "How is Curley's Wife presented and developed in "Of Mice and Men"? I don't know how to conclude my essay. It's for my gcse's please help asap!

yuzumaki | Student

Curley wife is presented as a bad figure in the novella 'of mice & men'. Men's viewed her in a negative way , they described her as 'tart' and a 'jail bait' which points out as a trouble maker.

In order to avoid being lonley , she use her self (her appearence) to captivate others men's attention as there is no female companion, this makes us emphasise her.

steinbeck illustrate curley's wife character to also present how woman were considered and treated at 1930's , men were usually the dominant one , while women were'nt treated equally just like curly's wife , she wasnt treated equally because woman were bound to do only a housework. the idealized vision of woman to men were only a object.

curley's wife character at the beginning , we first thought her as a: unimportant , antagonist , nameless character but furthermore as her character slowly develops ,we'll realize she is actually a intresting character. we'll learn more about her when she tells to lennie about her dream and how she were lonley. This makes us think of curley's wife more like a normal girl and makes us feel sympathy for her comparing how we felt for her at the beggining when she were desribed.



hope that helped a 'little' :'D i'm doing mice & men too!

alvinayinghaychan | Student

Steinbeck uses Curley’s wife to present the theme of loneliness in Of Mice and Men. Her real name is never revealed in the story, showing that she has never been considered as a real person with an identity of her own. In fact, Steinbeck depicts women as troublemakers who bring ruin on men and drive them mad- Curley’s bad temper has only worsen since their marriage. Her purpose in the book is rather simple- she is a ‘tramp’, a ‘tart’ and ‘a bitch’ that threatens to destroy male happiness. Moreover, in the novel, we can frequently see that Curley and his wife is looking for each other, but we do not see them together, except when she is dead. Since Curley’s wife is the only female in the ranch, it is only out of jealous suspicion that Curley goes looking for her, at the same time, showing off to those ranchmen. However, Curley’s wife looks for him simply out of boredom and possibly as an excuse to spend time with other men, which makes her a pathetic figure.

Later in the novel, Curley’s wife becomes more complex. When she confronts Lennie, candy and Crooks in the stable, she admits to feeling a kind of shameless dissatisfaction with her life. She shows her vulnerability when she admits to Lennie about her dream of becoming a movie star, which make her utterly human and much more interesting than a stereotypical hag/vixen in a fancy red dress. In her moment of greatest vulnerability, Curley’s wife seeks out even greater weakness in others, preying upon Lennie’s mental handicap; candy’s debilitating age and the colour of Crook’s skin in order to make herself feels better. In addition, Steinbeck has used a lot of adjectives to describe the first appearance of her, giving her a tarty, flirtatious image, and perhaps is her flirtiness which has brought her the caustic tragedy.