Can someone help me choose the best thesis statement for an essay on Their Eyes Were Watching God?

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One of the best ways to come up with a convincing thesis statement for an essay based on a book is to consider the number of themes that there are in the book and to pick one of those and to develop an essay from it. I have included three links below that you may find helpful, in particular one that has a few sample essay outlines that you might wish to look at, but also consider the way in which the central theme of this magnificent story is actually one woman's search for her identity and who she is. The novel is marked by Janie's marriages and especially the way in which her development is arrested by her first two marriages in different ways. An excellent essay would examine Janie at the beginning of the story (chronologically) and then examine her at the end of the story, and explore the journey which she has undergone to become the person that she ends up being. Consider the following thesis statement as an example:

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie embarks on a journey in search of her own identity where each of her three husbands plays an important role in her discovery of who she is.

Such a thesis statement will allow you to explore and discuss the journey which Janie experiences and the role of her husbands in this journey. Hope it helps and good luck!

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