Can someone help graph the equation 32-2x=8y?

Expert Answers
baxthum8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to graph `32 - 2x = 8y,`

we could place equation into slope-intercept for which is `y = mx + b.`

Therefore, we would solve the equation for y by dividing everything by 8 and getting:

`y = -1/4x + 4.`

From this form, b = 4, which represents the y-intercept.  "m" represents the slope, `(rise)/(run).`

From the y-intercept of 4 we could get other points on graph by using slope, in which rise = -1 and run = 4.

So, from the yintercept of (0, 4) we'd go down 1 and right 4 which would give us (4, 3).

Which woul give us this graph: 


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