Please summarize this article entitled "The Importance of Women: International development and equality."...

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The basic idea of this article is that there are many obstacles in the way of achieving equal rights for women in parts of Oceania such as the Solomon Islands.  There are obstacles having to do with culture and those having to do with getting funding from the rich world.

The article starts out by talking about the problems faced by women in the Solomons.  Too many women die in childbirth.  There is too much violence against women.  But it is also hard to do anything about this.

One reason why it is hard is because of culture.  Many people in the Solomons feel that the idea of women’s rights is being forced upon them by the outside.  They feel that women’s rights are not something that are part of their own native culture.  Therefore, there is a fair amount of resistance to being told to change their culture.

Another problem is with getting money that is needed to help with the problems.  The Solomons are not rich and foreign money is needed.  This tends to involve applying for grants.  This is hard to do for people who are not well educated.  If money becomes available, it is still hard to get it into the rural areas where it is needed the most.

This article, then, is about the difficulty of bringing modernization to women in the Solomon Islands.