Can someone give me three examples of why Brutus is the tragic hero in Julius Caesar.PLZ ASAP

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There are several reasons why Brutus is considered the tragic hero of Julius Caesar. The most direct reason is because he is the only one that has noble motives throughout the entire play. In the last scene, Antony calls him the most noble Roman of them all, and the only one of the conspirators that did not kill Caesar out of ambition or jealousy. Another reason that he is the tragic hero is because of the reputation that he holds in Rome. He is well liked and well respected, which is why Cassius writes forged letters from Roman citizens claiming that assassinating Caesar is the only way to save Rome. Finally, he is the tragic hero because he very blindly trusts others, which eventually leads to his death. This is seen not only in his relationship with Cassius, but also in his dealings with Antony. He gives Antony total freedom to say and do whatever he wants at Caesar's funeral, believing that he truly understands the motives of the conspirators. This begins the war that ends in Brutus's death.

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