Can someone give me a summary of Pedro Calderon's "Love after Death"? I'm reading it but the language is a little tricky. 

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allie-draper eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's tricky to find a lot of information on Calderón's Amar después de la muerte, but the plot as I understand it dramatizes the events of 1570, when the Spanish army marched on the village of Galera, where the Spanish moriscos had risen up against the Felipe II's harsh measures against Spanish muslims. During the attack, the beautiful young Maleha is stabbed and killed for her jewelry. The brave moor Tuzaní (who loved Maleha) disguised himself as a Christian soldier to discover the identity of Maleha's killer and get revenge.

Calderón's story opens with Juan Malec interrupting the secret zambra (moorish festival) to announce that Felipe II has put new restrictions in place. He reports that when he spoke out against them, he was humiliated by Christian leader Juan de Mendoza. With his advancing years (and no sons), Juan Malec is incapable of revenging himself. Thus the tone is set for the conflict that, in Calderón's story, paves the way for the uprising and sets Tuzaní on his quest for revenge against a man he's never met, who he can only hope to find.

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