Can someone give me a summary of the movie "The Express" it doesn't have to be long, but i just need a summary of the movie.

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Sure!  It's got to be a short summary in that I'm not a really big fan of sports movies (apart from The Blind Side, that is).

Ernie Davis is living with his "uncle" Will with their extended family and growing up in Philly amid the racism mid 20th century.  When Davis' mom remarries, she takes him back to Elmira, NY (a total one-horse town) where he gets into football and excels.

Due to his prowess as running back for many years, the head coach at Syracuse convinces Davis to sign with them and, sure enough, the school is lead to many victories, most notably of The Cotton Bowl Classic game where Davis overcomes both injury and bias to score the touchdown that leads to the Syracuse victory:  their first national championship.

After winning the Heisman Trophy and playing for the Browns in the NFL, Davis is diagnosed with leukemia.  His teammates buck the doctors by allowing Davis to run out in-uniform in front of the world (or at least in front of the TV-watching audience).

We do learn that Davis died in his early 20s, but not before he was honored by President Kennedy.  Hence the full title of the movie:  The Express:  The Ernie Davis Story.

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