Can someone give me a summary of Chapter 6 of "The Upstairs Room"? How she grew, and what lessons she learned in the Chapter?

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Annie and Sini try to adjust to life in the upstairs room, where they have been living for a month.  Annie realizes that she doesn't even know what the outside of the house looks like, but Johan describes it to her.  To help them pass the time, Dientje borrows a book for the girls to read, the fattest one she can find, War and Peace.  The tide of the war is turning, but now planes thunder over the house every night on their way to bomb Germany. 

To celebrate Opoe's birthday, Annie and Sini are allowed to eat downstairs with the family.  They must return to their hiding place upstairs when guests arrive, however, and the Hanninks, who are among the visitors, come up to see the girls there.

In this Chapter, Annie learns to appreciate little things.  The opportunity to celebrate Opoe's birthday becomes a tremendous priviledge and something to look forward to, and although they get on each others' nerves and are frustrated and angry at having to hide, Annie and Sini are thankful that they at least have each other, unlike their sister Rachel, who is alone among strangers.  Annie is getting to know the Oosterveldts, and to recognize their little foibles - hard-working Dientje who cares for everyone and endures Opoe's criticisms, courageous Johan who has taken the girls in at great risk, and especially Opoe, who is gruff and complaining, but has a heart to be able to recognize that the enemy "(have) got mothers too" (Chapter 6).

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