Can someone give me a summary of the Bible?

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The Bible is comprised of sixty-six books (with additional books in the Catholic version of the Bible) which are in the Old Testament (first part) and New Testament (second part).  There are different types of books in the Bible, such as books of law, poetry, and history.  The Bible tells the story of the creation of the Earth and the first people.  It tells about the great Flood and about the life of Abraham, who left Canaan with his wife and went to Egypt.  Later, Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt.  The Hebrew people became enslaved in Egypt until Moses led them out and Israel was established.  Moses was given the Ten Commandments, which are the basis of both Judaism and Christianity.  Kings David and Solomon ruled and Jerusalem fell.  Roman rule came to Israel.  Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and became an influential teacher, performing miracles and speaking to people of a new law.  He was crucified and resurrected.  His disciples began spreading the message of the teachings of Jesus.  They helped to establish churches both near and far.  The apostle Paul was converted to Christianity and began spreading the message of Christianity.

It is difficult to summarize the entire Bible, as it is full of complexities.  These are just the main points about it.  You may want to refer to a timeline for additional details.   

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