Never Cry Wolf Questions and Answers
by Farley Mowat

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What is a summary of Never Cry Wolf?

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Farley Mowat wrote Never Cry Wolf to expose the activities of the hunting and gaming industry and their tendencies to blame anything but themselves for loss of animal life.  In the story, Mowat is sent by his Department to investigate the increased numbers of slaughtered caribou in the arctic.  The hunters and trappers of the region blame wolves for the increased loss of caribou life.  Mowat soon learns that the hunters are blaming the wolves and conspiring with the government to have wolves annihilated in order to increase the amount of game available to themselves.

Mowat is sent out alone into the arctic to study the habits of wolves.  The hunters and trappers describe wolves as vicious, murderous beasts that kill without any purpose.  In the arctic, Mowat meets Mike, a half-white trapper, who lets use his cabin while studying the wolves in the wild.  Mowat finds a wolf den near the cabin and after some studying and close encounters soon decides that wolves are actually very rational, conservative, and family-oriented animals.

Mowat is then able to put the blame for loss of caribou life on big-game hunters with the hopes of stopping them from completely annihilating wolves.

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