Can someone give me a poem that shows the father son relationship between Elie and his father?  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The relationship between father and son is so strained throughout the experience of moving from camp to camp and experiencing life during the Holocaust. I am not sure there can be any poem to effectively convey how this bond endures through such painful and harrowing conditions.  Words seem to elude one's desire to articulate such a moment.  I do feel that there is a desire that might not be spoken, but is certainly felt by both that a wish to go back to simpler times could be present.  Neither one of them is able to say it because the condition of consciousness each of them faces is so horrible.  Yet, one could surmise that it is there.  Given this, I would say Kipling's poem, "If," is fascinating to place in this context.  The poem is about how a father is giving advice to a son, presumably.  Essentially, the poem features a bevy of life lessons through a sense of moral clarity and focus.  In applying this to the Holocaust time period, one recognizes that there is much in way powerful imagery created.  Kipling's words from a father to a son acquire a great deal of significance and meaning when placed in the context of the Holocaust and the experience of Eliezer and his father.

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