Can someone give me a good answer for Jane's relationship with Miss Temple or Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre?

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Miss Temple is only a secondary character, yet her relationship to Jane is pivotal to understand the plot of the novel. Miss Temple is the first adult who shows kindness and understanding towards Jane. She is a teacher at Lowood, the orphanage Jane attends. Through Miss Temple's eyes, we, the readers, start to grasp the exceptional character of Jane Eyre, who is not merely the rebel or the liar Jane's aunt and Mr.Blocklehurst made us to believe.


Mr. Rochester, on the other hand, is the male protagonist of Jane Eyre. He is the master of Thornfield Hall in which Jane gets a position as a governess. Thus, the relationship between Mr. Rochester and Jane is pivotal in the novel since Jane falls in love with him. However, such relationship was unthinkable at the time since it was implausible for governesses to marry their masters. Furthermore, Mr. Rochester is already married, a fact he tries to hide, and this only heightens the kind of complexity of their relationship. In the end, we see that both characters are spiritual alike, and thus they are able to marry, at last.

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