Can someone give me few points comparing between the book, "Obasan" by Joy Kogawa and the movie "The Hurt Locker." Thank you!

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fairly interesting and divergent connection.  There is an elemental link in the presence of both sets of characters trying to make things right that have gone awfully wrong.  Through reliving her own narrative and her role as a school teacher, Naomi comes to an understanding that what happened to her was not her fault and that she has to embrace her own cultural identity.  This affirmation of voice is almost one of reclaiming from the abuse of others on both cultural and sexual levels.  In much the same way, Sgt. James seeks to make right what others have done wrong.  The dislodging and defusing of bombs in the "hurt locker" of Iraq is something that he is forced to embrace.  We see this as "the one thing he loves."  Both characters have to endure extreme pain and fright as part of reclaiming their own identities and their own senses of self.  Another similarity would be the setting of both.  Internment for Naomi is fraught with political betrayal, a reality that James and his felllow officers must battle in Baghdad on an almost hourly basis.