What is an example of a victimology profile.  Is the example representative of a High, Moderate or Low Risk based upon your assessment and the Victimology Profile?

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Victimology is, as the name suggests, the study of victims of crime. When attempting to catch the individual or individuals perpetrating a crime or series of crimes, the more the investigating officers know about the victim(s), the more likely they are to apprehend a suspect. This is especially the case when a serial or repeat offender is believed to be behind a number of similar or identical crimes. By examining a number of characteristics of the victim or victims, including physical appearance, lifestyle, criminal records if appropriate, types of people with whom the victim associates, types of activities in which the victims like to participate, and more, the investigators hope to identify patterns that will make it easier to track down the individual(s) responsible for the crimes.

A classic example of a high-risk victimology profile is one that involves drug abuse.  A criminal preying on drug addicts and buyers of drugs...

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