Can someone give a brief summary on Chapter 7 from Fast Food Nation?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 7 of Schlosser's work brings to light the communities that serve as a "home" to meatpacking plants.  The study of Greeley, Colorado brings to light that the only winner in the entire setting is ConAgra and big business.  The traditional idea of a Lowell, Massachusetts setting, where business forms the lifeline of a stable community and where business looks out for the social and emotional welfare of its workers, is flipped on its head in this chapter.  Greeley, home to the largest producer of meat packing business, burns through workers at a lightning fast pace.  While it produces an excess of animal manure, it actually produces a symbolic version of this in the amount of transience, drug use, gang activity, and the substandard quality of life in the town.  The title of the chapter of "Cogs in the Machine," brings to light the idea that the only relevant issue is economic progress and growth.  The workers and their community is a secondary issue.  Schlosser's detail is akin to Upton Sinclair's analysis, bringing to light that the cost of industrial growth can be quite high if left unattended.

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