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In general, this article is a set of details about Somalia that cannot easily be summarized.  It is hard to summarize, for example, the name of the president or the languages that are spoken in Somalia.  In other words, much of the article is dedicated to disconnected facts about the country of Somalia.

That said, there is one main theme that runs through the article.  This is the idea that Somalia is a country with many serious problems.  For example, the article tells us that there has been no real centralized government in Somalia since a civil war started in 1991.  As another example, we are told that there are more than 2.3 million Somalis who have been displaced from their homes.  We see that more than 3 million people need humanitarian assistance and that thousands of people leave the country every day and become refugees.  Many people suffer from diseases that are not common in the rich world.

Thus, if there is a theme to this article, it is that Somalia has major problems.  However, there are also many disconnected facts in this article that cannot really be summarized.


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