What is a quote for the theme of Apperance vs. Reailty for the book Macbeth and please give commentary? 

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One example of a disconnect between appearances and reality is in Macbeth’s fears of Banquo.  He does have reason to be worry about Banquo.  After all, the man was there with the witches and should suspect he killed Duncan.  Yet instead, Macbeth focuses on Banquo’s sons being king.

Our fears in Banquo

Stick deep, and in his royalty of nature

Reigns that which would be fear'd. ’Tis much he dares (Act 3, Scene 1)

Macbeth is concerned that he has been given a “fruitless crown” because none of his sons will be king.  Instead of allowing this to happen, he decided to have Banquo killed.  They are each pretending to be good friends, but each is suspicious of the other and Macbeth is even plotting Banquo’s murder.


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