Can someone explain the trial in To Kill A Mockingbird to me please?

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell, a poor white girl who lives with her drunken father and younger silbings, has been forced to be the caretaker of the family after the death of her mother.  She must stay home to take care of the children, and do what she can to keep the "house" in order... but they live next to the garbage dump, so it's not much of a house.  She is looked down upon by many in town because of her drunken, abusive father, and because of their poor status.  Mayella has almost no one to talk to, and when she notices Tom Robinson, a black man who lives nearby, walk by the house every day on his way to and from work, she strikes up conversations with him and asks him to do things for her around the house.  Tom pities her and helps her "bust up a chiffarobe" and other chores, but he expects nothing in return.  Mayella spent months saving up a few nickels so that she can send her young siblings to town to buy ice cream, allowing her to have the house to herself.  When Tom comes by on his way home as usual, she asks him to come inside the house to get something off a shelf.  When he complies, she throws herself at him, demanding that he kiss her.  Tom refuses and tries to leave, but Bob Ewell, Mayella's father, has overheard what was going on.  He beats Mayella and, to cover it all up, Bob forces Mayella to charge Tom with rape.  The town is so prejudiced that they convict an innocent man.

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Scout and Jem

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Tom Robertson was aquised of raping Mayella Ewell. Mayella's father, Bob, used Mayella as a was to please himself, such as "a wife should". Everyday Mayella had a chore or job for Tom to do, as Tom walked home everyday. Tom said he did these for her because he "felt sorry for her".

One day she invited him in, and kissed him, but she did not realize that her father was watching and saw what had happened.

As soon as Bob Ewell seen what had happened he came in and started beating Mayella. Tom had no choice but to run away. Bob Ewell decided to take it to court, and Mayella is on her fathers side, hoping that the town does not degrade her because, her father is known as the town drunk already.

In the courtroom, Atticus (Tom's Lawyer) proves Tom is inocent because Mayella has a bruise on her left eye. He had Tom sign his name on a piece of paper, and saw that he signed it with his left hand.

He threw an object from the Judge's desk to Tom, and Tom caught it with his right hand. Tom is unable to use his left hand, because when he was younger it was caught in a cotton gin and riped his muscles apart.

Atticus proved Tom innocent, but because of racial discrimination in this time, he was guilty, all because he was black.

Tom got sent to jail, and had to stay until another possible trial. Tom was in the exercises yard, at the prison when he was shot.

The guards claimed he tried to run away, and shot him dead. But many knew, that was just an excuse to kill a black man which they knew was innocent.

One day somebody attacks Atticus' children, when he threaten he would (Bob Ewell). Somebody tried to save the children while Jem is knocked unconscious, and Scout unable to move.

When the stranger takes Jem home Scout follows. When she is in the bedroom with Jem and her father she sees the stanger's face for the first time, and discovers its,,,,,

not really a bad person, but someone who was judge, just like Tom was.

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