What is the main point of the New York Times article entitled "Children in the Fight against Corruption?"...

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This article is written by a Liberian person whose interest is in figuring out how to get rid of corruption in that country.  Her main argument in this article is that fighting corruption has to be done by fixing the ethical outlook of the people of Liberia.  To do this, she says, it is necessary to start with the children; hence the title of the article.

The author says that the most commonly cited way to fight corruption is through building institutions that will encourage people to act in ethical ways.  She argues, however, that this is not really going to solve the problem.  She says that corruption is caused by people and their choices, not by institutions.  As she says

If individuals are corrupt, then the institutions they represent, no matter how strong, can also be corrupted.

Because of this, she says that the way to fight corruption is to make sure that individuals will not be corrupt.  She believes that it is necessary to start to accomplish this by teaching children to have proper ethics.  She says

The adults, mired in a culture of endemic corruption, are unyielding. It’s the children who must lead Liberia’s moral revolution.

The main point of the article, then, is that Liberia must educate its children to have good ethical values if it is to defeat corruption.