Why is it that "change leadership" isn’t simple?

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Change leadership is the process of leading an organization through a major change.  For example, if a business has to completely redo its business model, the leader who is in charge during that time will need to be a change leader.  This is very difficult to do because it is very difficult to get people to want to change if they have been used to doing things in a certain way for a long time.

First, a change leader needs to have a vision.  Change leaders need to have an overarching vision of where they want an organization to go.  They are not simply trying to manage things.  Instead, they are trying to create change on a major scale.  It is not easy to have such a vision.

Second, change leaders need to be able to persuade others of the rightness of their vision.  This is the hardest part of being a change leader.  Change leaders need to get other people to want to change.  Human nature being what it is, a large percentage of us do not feel secure about change.  For this reason, the change leader has to be charismatic and persuasive enough to get us embrace or at least accept the change.

Change leadership is difficult, then, because people do not like change and a change leader has to have the vision and the persuasiveness to identify a needed change and to persuade reluctant people to accept that vision.

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