Can someone describe the setting of Shora in The Wheel on the School?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting of Shora is in Holland. Shora is a small fishing village on the North Sea. The town is protected by a dike. To the South of Shora lies the village of Ternaard.

While the story is set around 1912 (we are never given an exact date), the timeperiod seems much earlier. While technological innovations are sweeping across most of the world, those innovations have swept past Shora. The people there dress as they have for hundreds of years, right down to their wooden shoes. The school is very small and has only a few pupils.

The primary topic of conversation in Shora is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the weather. A fishing community relies on the weather for their livelihood. Good weather means good fortune. A bad day, or several bad days, can seriously affect incomes.

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