Can someone come up with a list of quotes for the book, West Side Story. All quotes must be from the book, NOT the movie. All with the lines they were said in and who said them. Thanks in advance.

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It seems slightly vague in terms of providing an answer.  Couldn't everything be considered a quote?  Perhaps, some clarification would help.  An example could be to identify a quote that shows the growth of a character from the beginning of the drama to its end.  Another could be to identify a quote that shows commitment to collective identity.  There should be some level of clarification in trying to provide quotations from the work. In giving this level of guidance, I think that the quality and level of responses will increase, allowing you to develop a better writing sample or task.  Along these lines, to be able to clearly identify what specific elements you seek on this list would help in terms of how many quotes are needed from different characters.

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