Can somebody tell me the summary of Chapter 5 for Animal Farm?

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The animals are proud and confident after their victory in the Battle of the Cowshed. They lose one of their own, however, when Mollie disappears, only to be seen by the pigeons pulling a cart on another farm. The winter is a cold one, and the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon becomes more bitter. Their main debate is over Snowball's proposal to build a windmill, which will provide power, comfort and less work for the animals. Napoleon opposes the construction, calling Snowball's plan for modern equipment "nonsense." Snowball gives an emotional speech on the day of the vote to decide the leader of Animal Farm, but the vote is never taken. Napoleon sends nine vicious dogs--the puppies he has been nurturing--and they run Snowball off the farm. Napoleon announces that a committee of pigs will run the farm, and the dogs put an end to any possible dissent. Later, Napoleon declares that the windmill will be built after all, that it was his idea in the first place, and that he had never opposed it.

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