Can somebody please tell me what the role of the Nurse is in Euripides's Medea?

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The Nurse's role in Medea is to bring the audience into the world of the play. In the prologue of the play, she gives the historical background, provides commentary on these events, and introduces the major characters: Medea and Jason.

At the end of the Nurse's opening monologue, the Attendant enters and tells the Nurse about the rumors being spread about Medea and Jason, providing additional background for the play.

The Chorus enters, and with the voice of Medea lamenting her current woeful situation in the background, the Nurse discusses Medea's tumultuous emotional state of mind and physical decline with the Chorus.

By the time the Nurse leaves the stage, never to return, she's served her purpose (her role), which is to give the audience the information they need to understand the rest of the play.

The audience never actually sees the Nurse in her role as "nurse" to Medea. The Nurse and Medea have no scenes together. The Nurse makes only passing reference to her "princess" and her "mistress,"...

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