Please summarize the newspaper article below and clearly identify the topic involved, including the 5'W's.

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When trying to identify the 5 W's in a newspaper article, it is best to look at the first three to four paragraphs.  Newspaper articles are written with the important information at the beginning of the article in case they have to cut the article because it is too long.  Then they can just cut it from the bottom and still retain the important information.  So the 5 W's are (note the paragraph where the information was found):

Who: Maine Early Investment Group (paragraph one)

What: Pledged to

" raise millions in private money to beef up pre-kindergarten learning in the state" (paragraph one)

When: Thursday at a news press conference (paragraph two)

 Where:  Portland, Maine (paragraph one and two)

Why: It is part of the influential report titled "Making Maine Work" which ties early childhood education to economic prosperity.(paragraph two)  

Summary: The Maine Early Investment Group announced that they will spend millions in money from private businesses such as Bath Iron Works and Hannaford to strengthen the pre-kindergarten program in the state of Maine.  This support comes as a result of  the third part of the report on "Making Maine Work" which was developed by the Maine Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Development Foundation. It states that 85% of a child's brain core is developed before he is three years old and

" ...suggested that building a sharper and more adaptable work force down the road will take a focus on the youngest Mainers now."

It also states that lawmakers should take a look at investing in childhood education 

 "...taking into account that investing in pre-kindergarten programs will drive down the amount spent on remedial programs throughout the rest of the systems."

In other words, if they put the money into early childhood education, they won't have to spend so much money catching children up who haven't developed skills later on in their education.

The report also calls for child care providers to meet high state  standards for the quality of their care.  They suggest tax incentives to the businesses that meet those state requirements and for the parents who send their children to those providers.

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