Can somebody please post the theme of the poem "Ode on the Poets" by John Keats?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Keats was a poet in the Romantic movement, his most famous poetry is in "Ode" form, meditative, serious and insightful.

The opening lines of the poem reveal what the poet's intentions are in writing the poem.

"Bards of Passion and of Mirth
Ye have left your souls on earth!" (Keats)

Keats is telling us that great writers although gone have left a part of themselves on earth for all time, their work, their writing.  Even though they have passed into eternity, they continue to teach, instruct, to live in the hearts and souls of those who read their work. 

Even though they are gone to their rest in eternity, their light, their wisdom still lives in the mortal world.

Keats celebrates and mourns the passing of great poets, or writers, as much as he expresses longing in this poem, he is uplifted by the fact that although the great writers of the past are gone, they remain with us because of the eternal nature of their writing, it lives on and on.

"Bards of Passion and of Mirth
Ye have left your souls on earth!
Ye have souls in heaven too,
Double - lived in regions new!" (Keats)