Can somebody please maybe help me with my DBQ. It is the DBQ from AP European History.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not knowing what the exact DBQ is might prove to be a bit limiting in answering your question.  I think that the basic guidelines that drive the writing of all DBQs might be in order here.  The first is being able to assess what the literal meaning of the document is.  Examining the document, it is important that you establish what it is trying to say.  The construction of historical background is also very important here. How is the document related to the time period and what were the historical conditions that gave rise to it are both extremely important to address here.  Finally, addressing the issue of bias and primary motivation on behalf of the writer or of the voice of the document would be important here.  Identifying these particular areas might prove to be extremely important in writing any DBQ and might assist you in this one.