can somebody please give me a character sketch of rosalind from as you like it in not more than 700 words ???please this is cery important for me!!!! thnx

honeydzire | Student

(adding on to rehmansara's answer)she is also very witty and virtuous and is more of an intellectual heroine...which can be proved in her conversation with orlando where she mentions about time("time ambles withal....").Initially she mocks love but there is a change in her later in the story after she meets orlando she realises that she has fallen in love and does not treat it as a joke as she did earlier in the play

rehmansara | Student

rosalind first of all is the main protagonist of the play she ir one of the most charming heroin of shakespearian play she har a quite and melancholic behaviershe is praised for her wit gaity inelligence vivacity and womenliness in the play she had a great love and effection towards her cousin celia and this is justified by the statement spoken by charls than no ther to women lover each other so much  like them she fells in love with orlando at first sight rosalind is considerd as the heroine of romntic comdey she is dynamic and natural in behaviour she har the feeling of sympathy this completes the charecter of rosalind


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