Help me write thesis statement on recycling paper at home.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A thesis statement is a clear, succinct statement of what you want to prove in your essay.

There are many different ways to write a thesis statement, and your teacher might want it in a specific format.  In general, a thesis statement needs to clearly state your position right off the bat.  You want people to recycle paper at home.  A thesis statement might be phrased in terms of benefits.

There are many benefits to recycling paper at home, such as spending less money on paper, ________, and ______________.

(I will let you supply your reasons, but I gave you one to start.  It is best to follow the rule of three, and provide three reasons.

Another way to write a thesis statement is to answer the “so what?” question.  In other words, WHY should we recycle paper.  In this case, you would begin with a statement about why we should recycle paper.  You would then follow that up with one statement listing your three reasons, or three statements with a reason each.

People should recycle paper at home because __________________________________.

Once you have a strong thesis, the essay almost writes itself!

silven | Student

A thesis statement is a declarative sentence that tells the reader exactly where you stand on a particular issue. In your case of recycling paper at home. I will assume you want to write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs. In that case you will need a Triple-Point thesis statement. Each of the three points you choose will form the topic sentence of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraph. The introductory paragraph will contain your triple-point thesis which will declare what you believe is desireable about recycling paper at home. For example:

Recycling paper at home is a good idea because it will reduce waste, _____, and _____.

Before you start writing you should 'prewrite' where you sit and brainstorm, mind map, freewrite etc, any ideas that come to you and write them down. Don't try and sort out good and bad ideas in the prewriting process. Once this is done you can focus on a good idea and freewrite about that until you have devised a plan for your essay. Once you have worked out your thesis statement, the essay will come together easily.