Can somebody help me out on writing 3 paragraphs on some kind of argument?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the link below could be very helpful to you in the process of composition.  I would say that being able to understand a particular topic is going to be critical.  You have to figure out what you want to write about and upon what topic you have some level of passion or zeal.  The notion of an argumentative essay is something that will require you to have an argument that needs to be developed.  You might have to do some reflection on what it is you really hold some beliefs.  Perhaps, there is some legislation that government has passed that you are really not comfortable with or something of which you are in zealous support.  This might be a starting point.  There might be a practice that you think should be stopped or expanded.  This could serve as another point of commencement for your writing.  In the end, you will have to identify what instigates the sense of passion within you that will compel you to write or articulate strong points of view in order to compose the argumentative essay.