Can somebody help me analyze the following quotes from Stanley Williams? 1) Anger brings damage and loss. 2)They condemn what they do not understand.

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When analyzing any quotation one must always be aware of 'the frame of reference' from which it came. Stanley Williams was one of the co-founders of The Crips. This gangland group was and still is responsible for extreme acts of violence. Mr. Williams was convicted of murder in California, sentenced to death, and sat on death row from 1981 until 2005 in San Quentin.While in prison Williams denounced gang violence. He wrote a book, which later was immortalized by hollywood.Although a very brief synopsis I think it is clear that this was a violent individual.To address the quotations; "Anger brings damage and loss"- Williams' incarceration obviously gave him the time to think about his criminal behavior,and perhaps he realized that anger can lead to irreversable damage and loss.The greatest of these damages and losses are to human life. "They condemn what they do not understand" suggests that Williams understood that there was a psychology behind the 'why' young people join gangs,and that this understanding eluded most people.For Williams,gangs are the result of a disenfranchised segment of society,young people who are subject to poverty and lack guidance.I think its fair to say that no one except for Williams will ever know if he truely saw the error of his ways. He did gain the support of some notable people, who tried to assist in his appeal efforts after he denounced gangs and gangland activity, however he never denounced himself.

sharenej | Student

Quote 1:

Look at it this way. What can anger lead to? Think about it in your own school, among your friends or other groups of kids. If someone gets angry, what is usually the end result? Loss of friendship, damaging words, maybe a fight, etc. I don't know what your goal was for this particular assignment, but I would use examples from school to back up your logic.

Quote 2:

People are very quick to judge others. When we don't understand something or someone, we make snap judgements. Think of it this way. Here in America today, Barack Obama keeps being called a Muslim. People are afraid of him and scared of him because they think he's a Muslim. Now, he's said many times that he's not, yet it is still being used as a way to put  him down. People don't understand Islam or Muslims. Because they don't understand the religion, they assume all Muslims are evil terrorists. To say Obama may be one is condemning him on this basis of just not understanding who he is or what Islam is.

Another example... Look at today's "emo" culture. Many people don't undersatand kids who wear black and have sideswept bangs. They assume they're all cutters or druggies. 

Basically, we put down what we don't understand instead of getting information about it.