Can somebody give me steps on how to go about doing formula rearrangement? (algebra)

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changchengliang eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a general guideline, I would cluster the variables and numbers into "terms" by following rules of the four operations.

Manipulation of variables, making a variable the subject, is a matter of systematically carrying out a series of negating operations on both sides of the equation, again obeying rules of the four operations.

Will require you to supply examples, questions on Algebra which you stumble upon, so that I can demonstrate what I meant in the preceding two paragraphs.

wbliz2013 | Student

you go about it in the same manner as you would an equation... for instance, you need to rearrange the formula for density to solve for mass.


to get M by itself like in a normal math problem you must multiply V to both sides. it cancels out on the right and your left with..


Wiggin42 | Student

Some helpful things to keep in mind are: 

--Isolate the variable you are solving for to one side
--Try to get rid of addition/subtraction before moving on to multiplication/division
--for particularly difficult derivations sometimes squaring both sides of an equation can help you solve for the desired variable. 
--Don't give up!

paramorerocks | Student

that depends on the problem. Let's say you have this problem; A=bc and you have to solve for c. This time they don't give you any numbers to work with. All you have to do is divide b from both sides. You should get this: a/b=c


Let's do one with numbers: 14=ab-6 and you have to find b. First you add 6 to both sides:


+6      +6




So now you divide a and you get b=20/a. My former algebra teacher always told us to us PEMDAS which stands for:

P= anyhitng in () first

E= then any exponets

M/D= multiplication or divition problems starting on the left

a/s= addition or subtraction problems starting on the left


but i'm sure you already know that. That's everything i can remember from last year in Algebra. I hope this helps some!