Can somebody give me example of diverse leadership styles, and how easy would it be to switch to another leadership style? I'm so confused.

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different styles of leading which often strive toward the same goals.  The best style of leadership depends upon the personality of the leader as well as that of the people he/she is leading.  For example, one leadership style is autocratic.  This type of leader would make decisions without consulting his/her subordinates.  They would simply make a decision and then announce it.  This might work well in certain situations and cause rebellion in others.  If the subordinates rebelled against this type of leadership, the leader might want to consider switching to a more democratic style.  In this style, subordinates would have a say so in how things were going to be accomplished.  In some situations, like a classroom, democratic leadership isn't really an option.  Paternalistic leadership might be a better option.  In this type of leadership, the leader listens to what the subordinates need and want, but then he/she makes the final decision.  There are many other types of leadership to consider.  Of course, these terms are drawn from a business model and a psychological model might use different terms as well.