Can somebody give me 2-3 open- and closed-ended questions about paper recycling at home?Please, I'm so confused!

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It appears that you may be confused about the types of questions you need to ask regarding paper recycling at home! I will explain them to you.

A closed-ended question is the type of question you ask when you want a simple yes-no answer, or you are asking for a particular bit of information, or when there are multiple choices to choose from.  I will give some examples.

Yes-No:  Question:  Did you take the garbage out?  Answer:  Yes

Particular piece of information:  Question:  Where are you going?  Answer:  To the store

Multiple choice:  Question:  Would you like coffee, tea, or tequila?  Answer:  Coffee

In contrast, an open-ended question is more complex, doesn't really have a definite answer, and is used more for discussion than clarification. Sometimes they are not even worded as a question. An example of this is:  "Explain to me why you snuck out after midnight last night!" 

With those definitions in hand, here are some possible questions you could ask:

Closed-ended:  Do you recycle paper products in your home?  What types of paper products do you recycle?  Does paper recycling in the home help our environment?  Which of these three paper products do you recycle:  newspapers, magazines, or used copy paper?  Is paper recycling at home easy to do?

Open-ended:  Explain to me why recycling paper products in the home is beneficial to the environment.  Where do you see this going in the future?  Of all the ways to recycle, why did you choose paper products?  Please explain the recycling process to me.  Tell me why I should recycle paper products at home.

I hope these definitions and examples help you write your essay!  Good luck! 


irishemerald | Student

An open ended question leads the person being questioned to give a detailed answer; therefore, it would not be a yes or no answer.

1. Why or why not is the recycling of materials an economically responisible choice?

2. What are the pros and cons of recycling in regards to the effects on the environment?

3. What incentives can be employed to encourage the public to recycle wastes?