Analyze the shifting of power in the narrative.

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Power is shown to be a fluid concept.  Interestingly enough, power is shown to be needed more by those who covet it than anyone else.  Blackie enjoys the power he holds over the gang because it gives him a sense of identity.  This is disrupted when T.'s ideas to destroy the house become attractive to the membership.  As the job progresses, T. enjoys the power he holds.  The ability to give directions, articulate a vision, and ensure that others buy into it become a part of this coveting of power.  When one of the boys complains that "this is like work," it reflects how leadership needs followers even more than the fellowship needs leaders.  The moment of indecision, one in which T.'s purpose in leadership is questioned, is one in which Blackie recognizes the vacuum created.  Into this void, he steps to once again assert leadership.  This is where the power shift becomes significant.  It reflects how power is almost like a narcotic, its effects rapidly sought and difficult to relinquish.  Blackie's ascent to power once T.'s reign fell short of expectations reflects that power is fluid in the modern setting.  It is a condition in which individuals fall in and out of its grasp, always perilously held when in possession and eagerly sought when it lies beyond grasp.

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