Can somebody explain the link between the Brave new World and assembly line? (Apart from the production of human)

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Well, the human production aspect is the most important aspect of society that was influenced by the assembly line in the novel. However, Huxley uses this idea to build the structures of his new society- socially, politically, and economically.

Assembly line production allowed consumer goods to be created at enormous rates. Jobs traditionally done by humans were soon done by machine. Also, workers began to have more leisure time, as their products were finished much more quickly than usual. In the novel, the leaders of the World State notice that people have too much leisure time, due to advances in production. Thus, they invent more & more complicated games to keep them occupied. This leads to more production, in an endless cycle. So the assembly line keeps the entire economy of the World State healthy and thriving. There is another way assembly line production influences the society: people are encouraged to continually consume. Thus, if something breaks, it is thrown out rather than fixed. If clothes become torn, or dirty, or even out of fashion, they are thrown away in favor of the latest trends. In this way, the population is constantly buying, so the assembly lines can continue producing.

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